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Such As I Have

Posted on 28th Feb 2012 @ 6:34 AM

such-as-i-have.jpgSuch As I Have is the story of the relationship between Headly, the champion batsman of Slygoville, and Pam, the daughter of the village's warner woman. Despite their initial antagonism and mutual dislike, this relationship eventually blossoms into a powerful and overwhelming love that transforms Headly from a narcissistic sporting hero, with an oversized ego and a rather macho view of women, into an emotionally mature young man who learns the meaning of love, empathy and sacrifice. Pam's fatal illness forces Headly to come to terms with loss and to gain a greater appreciation of life. Such As I Have thus blends elements of the love story, the quest ordeal, and the narrative of spiritual and psychological transformation, into a crisply narrated and compelling tale that is as delightful as it is instructive.


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